ZCash Wallet not loaded

Whenever I click on Zcash and deposit too see my address, I get an endless cycle of not loading. This is on the latest release of Brave on Windows 11. Been happening for a few weeks.

Hello - Are you still seeing this issue? I was unable to replicate it on my end. Could you clarify the Brave version? Thanks!

Sorry, yes this still does not load for me. I’ve tried clicking on the account from brave://wallet/crypto/accounts & brave://wallet/crypto/deposit-funds/133–zcash_mainnet/account and it doesn’t ever load for me. Tried turning on Zcash in flags and then back on and still nothing.

Same issue and no change in weeks.
I have sent some zec to my brave wallet address…account is empty and no transactions info on brave end.

How can I access my funds now?

1.65.130 Chromium: 124.0.6367.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Do you see the funds available in the Explorer? https://zcashblockexplorer.com/

Yes, I see it in explorer.

Mine is showing in the explorer as well.