Youtube will not work at all with Brave Shield on

I was watching Youtube tonight, then all of a sudden around 45 minutes ago my videos stopped working. Checking the “Stats for nerds” feature, it was showing zero network activity.

I have Youtube premium, but even still I do leave brave shield turned on.

I have done some testing, and reading another comment from another post here, someone mentioned that videos for them also only work with the shield turned off (admittedly, their issue is not with Youtube).

All I have to do to get this to work is turn off “Trackers & ads blocking”.

I thought this may be of help to someone.


Happends the same to me. I’ve YouTube premium and brave won’t play the videos with shields on.

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It was so strange for me. I was already watching a video, 5 or 6 minutes into it, then all of a sudden it stopped.

In real time, I’m able to turn on trackers & ads blocking and watch the network activity (via stats for nerds on the video) drop to zero. Turning trackers & ads blocking off will instantly hop back into action.

It’s annoying because trackers & ads blocking is what I use for 99.99% of websites. It’s frustrating because I have Youtube premium to stop ads in the first place too.


This just happened to me as well! And I also have premium

EDIT: It does work in incognito however

Usually means it is related to cookies or extensions.

The problem was fixed 2 hours ago, update Brave Ad Block Updater via brave://components/ to 1.0.4056 or higher. However, if anyone is willing to cooperate with us to better understand the problem, please test the rule in by adding it to custom filters under brave://settings/shields/filters.

If the above rule still breaks, also add the rules in Thanks in advance.

I have a massive list of extensions, standing at the high number of 3.

I use:

  • Return YouTube Dislike,
  • Enhancer for YouTube,
  • Google Translate.

I suppose I could give it a shot turning these off and seeing if it works.

It works now, thanks guys!

Both of these have been reported as causing issues, especially Enhancer For YouTube, which actually has adblock capabilities and all.

That aside, I know adblock team(s) worked on changed. Can you make sure your brave://components are updated and test if no problems?