YouTube Website is not opening in mobile

Just now I am not able to open YouTube website from brave in my mobile. It is written something went wrong.


Yeah same here, but I’m on IOS.


It seems fine on my phone. can you post a screenshot? @MichaelStan

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wait, mine too started

@Mattches will you look into this please

I think its happenig after i updated brave today…Its happening here and there…

Thank you all for reporting.
Can anyone experiencing this tell me what Brave version they are currently using? On my end, I’m able to view the mobile Youtube website without any issue. I even went ahead and entered the exact links shown in your screenshots to ensure it wasn’t an issue with a specific type of link.

I’m also curious if you try to visit in a Private browsing window allows you to view the site?

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Its being reported on reddit,

Not related to Brave but serverside. I would test via VPN on a different location in case its related to the geo location.

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Thanks Everyone. Now it is working fine

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It happened for only 1 or 2 mintutes, thanks @mattches and @fanboynz for looking into this.

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