Youtube Videos abruptly stopping for Ads, which shouldn't happen

Following the most recent update (v1.66.110), a problem has just begun to recur when watching a YouTube video. The video abruptly stops, the thumbnail appears, loads for a short while, and then the screen goes blank for 15-20 seconds before the video resumes where it left off. :cry:
Fortunately, I was able to confirm this time that it’s the YouTube advertisements that have been appearing. I’ve included a screenshot of it here.

So i got the recording for both Brave Browser as well as for Beta Browser. But i am not able to attach the video, so i’ll just put in the screenshot.

Brave Browser

Brave Beta

Just did some testing to view intro ads;

  • MacOS M2 - Brave Beta 1.67.92
  • Graphics Acceleration enabled
  • No extensions
  • Clean build/profile

The ads are not coming on livestreams or starting of videos, but in middle of some long videos!!

@fanboynz Any update or Breakthrough??

Not yet, still testing and discussing options with list authors. Nothing reliable so far

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