YouTube summarization is broken

First of all, the improve-with-brave-search-results feature of Leo is amazingly useful. I love how it decides by itself what search makes sense to make for my question, makes it, and summarizes the results but also give me a link to the search that I can manually visit. Great work!

But I did find a bug, and once more it happens on a Joe Rogan video: :joy:

If I try to summarize this video here’s what Leo does:

For some reason it fetches the current weather for New York and tells me about it. :rofl: What the heck?

Perhaps a flip switch to disable the new feature would be useful for cases where Leo just misunderstands the task given (in this case “to summarize the page”).

It looks like summarizing youtube videos is largely broken. This one also tries to fetch the weather although it summarizes the video correctly in the end:

And the same thing happens in other videos I tried.