Youtube search area doesn't show latest searches on Brave

On Firefox, when I click twice in the area where you type the video you want to search for, it shows you the latest stuff you’ve searched/typed, but on Brave, when clicking twice, it doesn’t show you anything. It also doesn’t save your searches, quite annoying.
Is there a way to active this feature? Maybe inside flags?! I’ve tested a lot of options, none have worked. Not only on Youtube (but this the site I need it to work the most), but on other sites that have the area for the “login”, you click twice and it doesn’t show you the latest login you’ve used, so you need to retype it. I think this could be either a bug or a “feature”? Is there a way to change this behavior?

Firefox: (It’s written it’s not working on Firefox, but I meant Brave, this is just an example)


I’m getting a dropdown of all my youtube searches here. Try clearing cookies/cache for youtube, then logout of youtube, and re-login.

Only time I don’t get a I drop of the searches, when I’m logged out

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