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Hi! Recently I had an audio sound problem in my WhatsApp so I contacted them. They told me that the solution was to remove cookies and so on, so I did so. Then I saw a kind of very fleeting screenshot with the Chrome logo and my new YouTube library disappeared, which I had been doing with Brave and the library I had before with Chrome reappeared “magically”. The truth is that I don’t care much about this, but I just threw the Chrome app in the trash and I don’t know what the consequences of doing this will be. I would like and be very grateful if someone has an explanation for all this. Best regards.

Okay, so the way things are put together here, it’s confusing. Let me break this apart to explain why I say that. (how I’m reading it.).

Okay, so removed cookies from what? I’m assuming only from WhatsApp since that’s what you’re referencing.

Okay, this doesn’t make sense as nothing related to Brave or WhatsApp should have a Chrome logo I don’t think. Not sure what you’re seeing there. Also not sure what you’re referencing on YouTube.

Okay, again…not sure where Chrome plays a part here. Where is Chrome appearing? What did you do beforehand?

Okay, so Chrome is its own web browser and has absolutely nothing to do with Brave. So you getting rid of it won’t have any consequences regarding this browser. Also when you say you put it in the trash, I’m not even sure if you removed the app or if you simply removed the icon and Chrome still might exist on your device.

Speaking of device…you haven’t even told us anything about what type of device you’re using or anything. I’m assuming it’s an Android, but not sure.

So yeah, not sure which explanations. IF you went and cleared cookies from Brave then that would get rid of all saved logins, playlists, etc. So you’d have to log in to each site again and if things weren’t saved on their account, you’d have to set up things again.

Also, when you go to clear Cookies, you’re often also given options to delete other things, such as download history, browsing history, passwords and other sign-in data, etc. If you had those things selected, you can lost a lot of your normally saved things that you have for your convenience.

I’m not sure what you’re speaking of when you mention a YouTube library or where it was located. Not to mention, am uncertain if you’re even saying you currently have any problems with Brave at this time. So if you can try to better explain what issues you’re having, if any, it would be appreciated.

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