WhatsApp keeps logging off

I don’t really use Brave, it was lagging a lot but I’m getting rid of that. So I don’t remember when it started but when I cleared chrome search history because it was lagging too I clicked on “remove cookies”, so I assume it was then that whenever there is one tab open WhatsApp is still. However if I close all Chrome tabs it logs off and I gotta go on phone to log back

It sounds to me like the issue you’re having is with Chrome, not with Brave. Unless I"m misunderstanding the issue you’re having?

If the issue is occurring in Chrome, please reach out to Google support.

Thank you

well I’m not sure, I used Brave for a quite long time so I’m asking both Google and Brave

Is WhatsApp logging you off presently in Brave or in Chrome?

both, I don’t know what’s the problem really

If the problem is happening in both browsers, you can test in a third browser to confirm — if it happens there, the issue is with the site itself.

If it doesn’t happen there, you might check and ensure that there is no data set to be cleared “on exit” (Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit]).

thanks, I’ll be back when I test on Opera