YouTube link opens in Brave instead of native Youtube app

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**Description of the issue: Youtube links in Brave open at instead of being directed to the native Youtube app

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use Brave
  2. Click youtube url

**Expected result: Url redirects to native Youtube app, instead of opening in a tab withing Brave

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.19.88

**Mobile Device details OnePlus 7t, Android 10, OxygenOS 10.0.16.HD65AA

Additional Information:


There should be an option to set a default.

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For the record, the official YouTube app will track you and show you commercials.
Brave won’t.

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That is not the point here, we all know that. We want a choice , that’s it. I use yt vanced and it has no ads. Even if i were to use the regular yt app, brave should have an option for a default. A consumer centric company should always prioritize people’s right to choose over all else.

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Your request has nothing to do with Brave: you must change that setting in your operating system.


The default is already yt app, the brave app overrides it and opens any link in brave itself. In a other browsers, the default (yt app) is used.

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I have Android 9 and it doesn’t happen. I suggest you clear the “default apps” settings in your Android and start over by choosing YouTube right away as default app for videos. This will solve your issue.

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Hi all,

To close the loop, I was able to track down the setting. It is within Brave, not OS.
Settings > Site settings > Video Playback in Brave > updated to disabled


Oh, dude @smath Thanks a ton mate. It fixed it for me.

@smath Thanks you just saved my life.