Opening youtube videos in Brave

Hi there,

I want open youtube videos in browser but Brave sends me to youtube app, however I cleared all defaults and I put the settings to “don’t open” youtube link in app but still it opens in youtube app.

I got to say when I signed in to my Google account in Brave this problem started, before that all youtube videos opened in Brave.

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Odd. I haven’t ever fiddled with any settings in Brave, yet typing in will always cause YouTube to play within Brave.
Not sure why you’d want to do this though. Brave gives you a very impoverished experience of YouTube (for example, you can’t play videos with the screen off). I just use YouTube Premium for the best YouTube experience.

Try opening in private tab.

Simple: to avoid ads.
YouTube App even has porn ads, which is incredible because vaguely similar videos would be banned right away if uploaded by a user. Google’s double standards should be boycotted.


I think Brave has options to play youtube videos with screen off. I know will open in Brave but my problem is that when I’m searching for something and Google shows me some videos in “Videos” part, when I tap one of the videos Brave sends me to youtube app. Only in this case Brave sends me to youtube app.

I want to add to my youtube history every video that I have been watched.

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