Youtube , github , reddit verification problem

i added my youtube , reddit ,github still it is not verified it have been a week , i cant send BATS to them , please help i am using brave since 2 months ,

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Did you check it via desktop or mobile? Did you have the latest version of Brave installed? Did your see your channels here ?

i check via mobile/desktop , i have latest version, i can see my github and youtube name on , but it still says creator not verified for my yt channel and github when i visit github account and yt channel

Try re-verify your channels.

my youtube is also listed on but still when i visit my youtube channel it says creator not verified i have tried many times removing channel and then adding again

Did you have a verified Uphold account connected to your creator account?

I have connected uphold but uphold verification is being pending/reviewed it will take time .

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