Youtube blocking brave again

That’s all that can be done now sadly and some sites that used to have the full suite of adblocking on have now been messed up because of this but I’ll live.

For more info, it’s not OS related. Only different brave versions have the issue and it’s specific to youtube and how the shields are interacting with the site. (I tried to filter absolutely everything on youtube too so it loads nothing but it still crashes) I’m on one of the older versions of the Brave browser and have this problem but I am on win 10. This seems to be an issue specific to youtube. Google results may not always have a youtube result, but that’s what causes it. That’s why it happened on google for you and others too.

Going down that reddit thread, it also seems to be hit or miss if
Settings → Shields → Trackers & ads blocking: Disabled
works for being able to load the page without crashing.

Hello, if I search for YouTube the browser closes
what I do

thank you! it worked.
I hope it can be resolved soon. so we can watch without ads.

If you’re on desktop, you can just get an adblocker extension for now.

Hey all, I’m closing this as the topic has gotten away from what OP had been.

If any of you are having issues with YouTube showing ads or giving the adblock warning and you’re using the most recent version of Brave (1.64 or later), then please post over at YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) or, if you feel it absolutely important to create your own topic, do so at Ad-Blocking

If you are using an older version of Brave and not using 1.64 or later, then please refer to Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube