YouTube ADS! :-(

Imagine how hard the google devs were flogged to reach this passing victory.


FWIW, I still don’t have the problem of Firefox or Opera, but Brave is still my number one business browser.

I expect I’ll be coming back to Brave for Youtube videos after someone figures it out in a few days.

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I changed my shields settings exactly to mimic my settings in AdBlock on Firefox like so:

It suppressed the ads themselves, but it still delays and shows a “skip ads” button.

Hope that helps us get to a fix.


Would you post the command lines?

ABP filter

easy list

easy privacy

fanboy notifications blocking

fanboy’s social blocking

I don’t care about cookies

you might need to “re-tick” if the list download fails


I’ve been linked this thread to every and each new post about youtube ads. Hopefully this will solve everything.

I havn’t got an add since 2019 i requestioned my life when i heard one 20 mins ago. :skull::skull:
Do you Know When the shield get repair ?
Any recommendation for Adblock while waitting ?

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Please note what I did was not a real fix because of the delay, and I’m temporarily moving over to Firefox for viewing YouTube.

I also checked that Slimjet does not have the problem.

So among the browsers I have installed, only Brave is affected. Would Youtube target Brave specifically?

I don’t know how it would work with Chrome because I don’t have that installed. I’m guessing that’s the primary target.


Update: works for me temporarily until Youtube decides no video playing until a blank ad playtime
note: Will load new ad (based on the title) and timer will reset on every page refresh


Check this out…


I have the same issues. what can I do? I did deleted the cookies, reset the brave, uninstall brave and reinstall. it doesnt work. I still see the ad on youtube in some of channel.

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Update is up


Looks like you got it. Been running through about 50 videos, no ads with Brave Shields up.


BOOM! … This worked … Thanks Legend!


Just update brave://components , Brave Ad Block Resources Library - Version: 1.0.54. Then refresh youtube webpage, should be fixed now.


Fixed. That was quick.

Thanks to all.

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Update: Unchecked all those custom lists I imported last night and rechecked the built in ones I used before.

Still have a number of Youtube related custom filters from before.

All is good.

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Yes, this morning Youtube ad blocking is back to normal (with Ublock Origin inactivated). Last night, the only thing that worked to block the Youtube ads was Ublock Origin activated on Youtube. Very impressive work Brave devs.

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worked for me , thanks

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