Youtube Ads Show When Using 'Back' Button

Platform: iPad Air 2.
OS: iPadOS 15.0 Beta 4.
Issue: When watching Youtube video and skipping back a page, ads show.
How to reproduce the bug:

  1. Load any monetised Youtube video.
  2. Open a link from there to any other YT video.
  3. Use the ‘Back’ button to return to previous video.
    (Ads start playing.)

Frequency: This fault is 100% repeatable on this System.
Urgency: Annoying. (Not critical.)
Workaround: Reload affected video via the ‘Reload’ button.
(Video plays without ads.)

Yeah, because of cache here. there maybe more improvements to help with this in the future.

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Thanks Ryan. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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