Youtube: ad blockers violate youtube's TOS

Entering on youtube on brave version: 1.62.153 Chromium: 121.0.6167.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)
recently updated prompts the “Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service”.
I cleared the custom filters which I had for youtube to see if that was causing the problem, but it clearly was not.

Any help will be appreciated.

PD.: The filters i was using were:, yt.config_.openPopupConfig.supportedPopups.adBlockMessageViewModel, false), Object.prototype.adBlocksFound, 0), ytplayer.config.args.raw_player_response.adPlacements, ), Object.prototype.hasAllowedInstreamAd, true)

Don’t use any custom rules, they will bait youtube into more Anti-adblock, I would remove.

Update Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.3679 in brave://components

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