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Hi, I just wanted to leave feedback on your icon. I like your browser and all, but your Icon bugs me. How is your logo any indication that it’s a browser? There’s a reason the most popular mail apps have some kind of envelope motif with their icon. The Icons are the gateway to the program. And it’s the same with the more popular browsers having a blue circle/or planet theme.

Your current Icon would be great for a zoo finder app or something, but how does orange lion face at all say “web browser”?

I know it might seem silly, but the web browser is one of the most important apps to have on your phone, and the icon will be on your home screen all the time. So I believe it’s important to have an icon that reflects what it is.

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How about a roaring lion holding a globe in its teeth? :smile:brave%20icon%20toothy

My abilities are limited, but as a proof-of-concept…

Well lets see what other browser icons reflect that they’re a web browser:
We’ve got Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Kiwi, Safari…


Tbh, I don’t think any of them fit your criteria! I think the main idea of any logo is brand recognition. This doesn’t require that your logo directly reflect your product - it just needs form a strong connection between the two by using a memorable or unique image.


Yeah, but…Orange lion eating the world is so hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I agree with both of you. It’s true that most of these icons don’t particularly say “browser,” but they also represent browsers which have minimal market penetration, with the exception of the one backed by one of the largest and most ruthless tech sector companies in the world. EDIT: and the other one backed by a tech giant is almost unknown outside their own (mostly mobile) devices, where it comes preinstalled.

While of course my art is terrible, I think the concept is sound: inserting the globe would say “browser” and help ignorant people to actually use it instead of install it (or have a friend install it) and then forget about it once Ruthless changes their default browser back.

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I feel ya.
I think the lion works so well for us since lions are frequently/heavily associated with Bravery :lion:

cc @rossmoody for potential tidbits on why the Lion logo was chosen.

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No argument there. I love the lion and always have. As a Christian, the Lion is associated with the most sacrificial bravery ever.

I just think the Brave Orange One is getting hungry for the globe. :open_mouth: