I really need an alternative option when it comes to Braves current Lion logo

hey, so the only thing that is bugging me about the browser is kinda weird but I really need the lion to stop staring at me… a way to change the icons would be great. although I can already extract and replace the main icon resources on the android and windows versions myself, that’s easy.Butt the one that is bugging me the most is the one in the address bar. this may sound like I’m trying to be funny but I’m not. I not really at 100% mentality and it starts to fell like it’s starting at me silently judging me and give me a disapproving scowl. I,ve actually put tape on my screen just to make it stop. I really don’t care what logo or icon goes there, hell could add an alternative image with the lion in profile view so its not facing forward. but other that The Browser itself is awesome! way better than Chrome or edge, but me and the current Brave logo don’t get along that well.

Easy solution, stop staring at the screen. lol.

not really a solution. its a real issue… well to me anyway. and it seems like something that could easily be fixed. if I knew where and how the UI was stored within the browsers program files I’d switch it out myself.

Brave logo concept logo
Brave logo concept logo orange
Brave Nightly logo concept

I found something that matched what I was looking for and used it as a template and created these custom icons for the browser. this would be a good alternative plus it’s not staring at me. I’ve already replaced the original ones in the main Brave launcher. Except for the one on the address bar he still mocks me! But It was a fun icon Gauntlet that I had to go through to change the originals and such a weird layering order with only four layers. and I even made replacements for the little file icons too why not . But I’ve made really nice 9 layer ico files for these images, but they won’t let me upload them… So here’s a link