The Brave's lion symbol does not look friendly to me

I may be in the minority, but I do not like the red lion symbol very much and it can actually scare me.

I am interested today after hearing the Brave browser that I never heard of in the past. At first glance, the browser is capable of living up the hype, but I am going to remove the browser anyway because of the lion symbol.

It is extremely unlikely that my unimportant wish will be granted, but if the wish actually comes true then I can give the Brave browser a try. Thanks.

I agree @Slowleaf
Maybe they could add an option to change to another animal and rename the browser?

Welcome @Slowleaf and hello @GeKePDP.

The orange Lion icon

Please explain that more.
For example, I was born in Africa and was very close to wild lions from a young age.
I love lions.
In western literature and mythology certainly, lions are associated with ‘heart’, with braveness,
‘’*** Lion Heart ***’’.

I’m wondering if there is and where there would be instance of bad associations with Lions? I suppose it is possible to have had a bad personal experience with Lions, real and virtual.

I’ve just opened this link to examine the artwork and the facial expression of the Brave Lion :

  • It is a ‘male’ clearly, due to the mane.
  • He seems to be smiling a strong smile.
  • The icon artwork is economical and effective.

Amazing the differences between people on planet Earth.

I dislike the icons of all the browsers I have used before.
The Brave Lion icon connects me with the Browser. It represents, for me, an ethos I can relate to. Like ‘Brave’ is ‘my friend’ as my interface to the internet which can be a scary space to navigate. REALLY. :blush:

@eljuno, @Mattches, @MediaBird
do you have to hand links to the background of Brave inception, offering insight into the development of the name and the Lion symbol, references to the art team involved in the graphics etc?

Why do you

Are you being serious? :confused:

I would be very interested to read a poll of users’ responses to the Brave Browser icon.