You guys are unfair - Brave Referral Rate Changes

“When we launched the referral program, the goal was to discover which areas would we see the most growth and to test the viability of the referral program as a whole. Our level of zoom was pretty wide (Planet Earth) and the rate was $5 per user, globally.
Since then, we have launched our Ads program and we want to shift our level of zoom to more regional efforts, with a specific focus on the areas where we can deliver ads. This is a straightforward business decision.”

You can deliver ads in Tier 3 and 4 countries as well, at least in EU member countries (as far I know). But still you slash the referral to half. I guess it is simple math: those countries don’t make enough but at the same time bring the masses in. So you loose. While in the Tier1, 2 countries you have less exposure but make the dough.

Funny that you promote yourself in cryptomedia with the slogan how many users you have (assuming that you get the masses signing up from those tier 3, 4, 5 countries) while you take away a portion of their revenue stream. You guys are unfair, and with the classifications you aren’t eligible to call yourself a global blockchain company who offers equal opportunities. At least to your referrals.

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Closed as duplicate of 1 usd per referral. lol im done!