Regarding the Brave Referral Rate Changes [discrepancies]

I see that most European countries are included in tiers 1-4 and it looks like the criteria is based on economic (as well as political and demographic to a certain extent) performance to sort the countries in their respective tiers. I.e. high economic indicators, politically western-aligned, low population --> higher tier.

For example, Luxembourg TIER 2 – high economic and political indicators, low population, so it suits tier 2.
Portugal TIER 3 – medium high economic indicators, but politically it’s part of the west.
Israel TIER 3 – medium high economic indicators, but politically aligned with the west, but it’s quite clear that the political connection runs deeper than just being “aligned”.
Czechia TIER 4 – higher economic indicators than Portugal and Israel, politically west, but still rooted in many minds as an “eastern” country. Demographically it’s comparable to the other two countries mentioned.

Do you see the discrepancy? I’d love to see the methodology for the tiers.

But that’s perhaps not the biggest lapsus. Slovenia is in Tier 5 (it’s not mentioned anywhere so it falls into tier 5), despite being economically on par with tier 3 (or 4, but closer to 3). It’s very similar to Czechia, but definitely higher up than Portugal and Israel based on economic indicators. It’s also got a bigger population than Luxembourg, Malta and Estonia, but still very small so demographic perspective shouldn’t be a problem, nor should political.

Did you simply forget to include Slovenia, or are there some reasons for excluding it from higher tiers? It’s weird because every country surrounding it is in tier 3-4.

(Did you also miss Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Vatican? Does that even matter since most of them have ISP in the bigger countries surrounding them?)

What’s up with Iceland? It’s a bit geographically isolated and with low population, so maybe that’s it. But in that regard it’s very similar to Malta, so it’s a bit puzzling that it’s not included in a higher tier.

Btw, “Macedonia” should be “North Macedonia”. Gotta be careful with these things.
I’m guessing Cyprus’ and Kosovo’s exclusion from higher tiers is entirely based on internal conflicts in those two countries.

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Brave recently launched “Brave Ads”. I guess this update is to do something with that.
Obviously brave wants more people browsing using brave browser in the parts where “advertisers” use brave network to push ads. It could be pure business logic!

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the “pure business logic” would include transparent reasons for doing something as delicate as sorting countries into tiers. Brave/BAT loses credibility for discriminating without also publishing the methodology & stats used in the methodology.

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Its based on the amount of places the ads in the network can reach. The more a country allows these ads I guess the higher up the tier you are. My 2 cents.

I doubt it has anything to do with anyone’s political view or economic status.

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I agree. I would also say that tiers are solely made by the demand of advertisers, it seems that everyone wants to advertise in US and fewer people in Switzerland. Brave needs to find a functional business model to fund its development. Otherwise, the BAT will be worthless.

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All I see are vague guesses presented as certainty.

It’s an interesting critique. Undoubtedly there have been people wondering why their particular country is not in a higher payout tier.

This was said in another thread, but I’ll reiterate :
If the person who installs Brave is from an Ads supported region, they can be shown ads, they get BAT and Brave gets their share as well. Therefore it’s pretty clear business logic to grow that group.

I’ll take the critique back to the team, but in the meantime please be assured that the primary focus is on growing users in ad supported regions.


Thanks, but so far only 6ish countries support ads, so I don’t understand how countries that do not have ads supported can be ranked into tiers based on non-economic/non-political/non-demographic criteria.
“meantime” implies you will have more to say on this matter, so I’ll wait for more info from you. :slight_smile:

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