X/Twitter Appears With Very Tiny Type on Brave

I’m using Brave version 1.67.119

I have issues viewing X/Twitter on the desktop version of Brave. The type comes out very tiny. I can enlarge the type but it always reverts back to the tiny type. In addition, the proportions are all askew so that enlarging the type means that some of the features are out of the window.

The problem is only with X/Twitter. Every other website is OK.

This happened suddenly. I can’t account for it. X/Twitter appears normally in other browsers, so I use Edge for X/Twitter & toggle back to Brave for most other things. I’d rather not have to do that.

Please confirm that the issue also exists in a “new private window”. Also a screenshot and OS platform name would be helpful.

It does.

OS is Windows 11. Build: 22631.3737

Not sure how much a screenshot will indicate but here goes.

Was hoping for a snapshot of the window rather than the entire page.

Can you create a new profile and confirm whether the issue still exists there?

“the window” - you mean the whole screen?

I’m not going to create another profile. I don’t see how that is relevant.