Wombat Wallet Extension messing up

Brave Version: 1.29.77 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: WIn10 Home x64 Version 20H2 OS Build: 19042.1165

Can’t play or shop on some games while this is around. What’s this ‘Encrypted Key Data is Too Short, at least 12 bytes required’ My Passphrase is made of numbers, letters & overall 15x length. Minim. length for it is twelve. Setting up new one via reinstall didn’t help. Metamask & Tronlink extension works with no probs to mention couple similars with Brave Browser. Naturally i also can’t play some games that use wombat login or have option to use wombat wallet. It’s the one i prefer to use with them from multiple options.

Games so far that i would like to support are: Prospectors.io & DarkCountry.io, but can’t cause both include wombat. Hope that Brave’s Tech Crew looks into this & finds out if it’s about redirection issue at Brave’s end & linked to Wombat Wallet Extension. I’ll record short vid about this tomorrow. Good rest of the weekend & September o/ 4.9.6021 Got into Dark Country Game, but Wombat's Passphrase glitch blocks access as with Prospectors.

Kindly: Fedaygin

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