WIndows Title Bar Font Size Increases

I thought I was imagining it but it’s happened more than once.
When I install Brave, it changes the font size in the title bar for other applications. Not Brave or other web browsers, but Windows Explorer, Excel, Textpad, etc. Uninstalling Brave does not fix it, I have to do a system restore to an older point. After reinstalling Brave it happens again, so I know it’s Brave somehow doing it. It might not sound like a big deal but it means I can no longer fit things on screen that once fit.

I’m running

Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎9/‎16/‎2020
OS build 19045.3570
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19052.1000.0

This is a screenshot from Textpad 8.1.2. Where it says Document Selector, Document 1, Search Results all used to be the same same as where it says Document 1 on the tab on the right. The title bar I’m not sure if it was that small, but likewise in Windows Explorer, the font size in the title bar is now larger, and Excel 2007 the title bar is larger (but only the title bar font size, everything else is fine).
I tried using a third party app to correct it but that just wreaks havoc on all my system font sizes which I corrected by doing a system restore and then reinstalling Brave just to have it happen again. I am running a laptop with a touchscreen if that makes a difference. Might not sound like a big deal but on laptop I lose real estate and have to hide ribbons to display everything I used to be able to display normally. I think it’s anything that uses the Title Bar font size settings. I know weird, right?

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