Weird giant status bar text on 1.30.86

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Hover mouse over a link on any web page (or load any web page and watch the status bar)
  2. Observe size of text in floating status bar

Expected result:
Normal-size status bar text size

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
This only occurred since 1.30.86, and seems to only be happening on my one physical Windows 10 Pro system. I have a couple other Win10 systems (some physical, some VMs), as well as a Linux VM, and so far it’s just on my main Win10 computer.

I have tried clearing cache, disabling Shields, as well as disabling hardware acceleration and none of it resolved the issue.

Same behavior in a private window as well as a new profile.

Screenshot from


In the immediately prior release of Brave, the text was much smaller and much more was fit on the screen. It looked “normal.”

Anything else I can try to troubleshoot this? Feels like some kind of bug causing a bad interaction with my screen resolution or something. I can try fiddling with screen resolution later as well.

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OK, messing with resolution didn’t help. But I did manage to otherwise narrow down the issue.

I think the reason it happens on this PC is because it’s a dual-monitor setup: the first screen is the built-in laptop display, and the second is a larger, 2nd monitor oriented ‘above’ the laptop display.

When the browser is maximized on the larger top screen, the status bar text is very close to the bottom edge of the display and it seems to be taking magnification cues from the other (built-in) screen, instead of the screen that the window is actually on. If I un-maximize the window, and move it away from the bottom edge, it renders normally; but if I move it within a few pixels or so from the bottom edge of the display, then the text magnifies.

I’ll see if I can get a useful screencap that shows it, but hopefully that description makes sense.

Edit: here’s a screencap.BraveGiantStatusText

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Anybody else have a dual-monitor setup, on Windows, with 2 different resolutions and/or ‘scale’ settings, who can test this? It can’t be all that uncommon a setup.

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OK, I was able to reproduce this on a completely different set of devices (my work PC).

Scenario: different magnification and resolution on one screen vs. the other.

Same behavior. Bottom edge of the Brave window (where the status bar lives) is enlarged per the display settings of the other monitor.

This should be easy for anyone else with a dual-screen setup to test, at least on Windows. Not sure if this bug is Brave-specific, or an issue from upstream Chromium. Maybe that’s the first thing that needs to be sorted out.

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