Ability to increase font size on the Bookmark Bar

I realize that Brave allows you to increase font size on pages and has the zoom option, but it would be great if you can also just increase the font size for your bookmarks along the Bookmark Bar. Seniors especially would likely love this feature! Please consider implementing this additional option. Thank you.

I have this problem too. I have customized the font size under settings and this increased the font size so that I can read the text on web pages. I still can’t find any way of increasing the size of text on the bookmarks bar, the address bar or the title bar which is so small to be almost unreadable with my eyesight!

Same issue here. It is about accessibility. I can barely read the text and finding a bookmark in the folders is nearly impossible. Resizing within settings changes the fonts of websites (and settings itself) but does not alter the bar text. Implementing this would be great and is the main thing keeping me and my household from using Brave.