Font sizes in browser itself, not website fonts

New to Brave kinda. I figured out how to resize the font for websites. But what I need is to make the itty bitty fonts for the browser itself bigger. Like the line of bookmarks, the bookmarks themselves, the tabs, etc. Not being able to change this may be a deal breaker for me.

Go to settings → Appearance → Font size

I hope I am correct. I am not having a windows machine with me right now, but I think this was where you can change it.

Or you can also do ctrl+F and search for Font

No, that changes the font size of everything else, not the top bar of the browser.

Hello @PaulaO, thank you for bringing this to our attention. At the moment is not possible to change the top bar font. If you have a suggestion or feature you’d like to see implemented in the browser, please leave us a Feature request as explained here:


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Thank you. I will do that.

I found this feature listed several times in the Desktop Feature Request. So instead of starting a new one, I voted and commented on the most recent. I also added a screenshot.

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