Window & Tab Management, Tab Snooze

Tab & Window Management

Hi! I’m currently using an extension called Session Buddy to manage my windows (saving tabs, naming windows, etc.) Other extensions abound: Tabli, Toby the Tab Manager, One Tab… the list is endless.

I think this feature could be a lot more powerful, performant, and trustworthy if it were implemented as a native part of the browser.

This is a nice idea: Group Tabs on top of tabs UI, but I’d love to have even just a simple way to manage tabs and windows. Another great feature would be tab/window snooze, which leads me to my next request.

Tab & Window Snooze

I use a Chrome Extension to snooze tabs, but I think this would be another feature that could be implemented better natively (with an option to disable). A native feature could include the ability to snooze windows as well.