Closing Similar Tabs

I would like to be able to close all Similar tabs, either by right clicking on tap and getting this option or some other way. Does this exist? (I had this in Firefox with some add-on or extenstion).

Welcome, @ish586. I think I used the thing you’re talking about in Firefox - I think it was an experimental feature of Firefox itself when I tried, but here’s the Firefox extension I just found. It uses separate environments or “containers” for tabs, like work, home, travel, shopping, etc… There was also, maybe as part of that but maybe I’m thinking of the tab tree extensions, the notion of child tabs spawned by links from a parent tab, so if the parent tab was closed all child tabs would close.

I don’t think Brave can do this and don’t know if it’s in the roadmap, but there are extensions you could add that do things like this. For example (not endorsing, just posting some search results):

Thanks for your reply.
The extension that I use in FireFox is called “Closer Similar Tabs” and it does just that (it also shows number of similar tabs).

The ones you listed do no seem to do this.

I was hoping that maybe there was an Add On for Brave to do this.

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Sorry for jumping right into solution mode without really realizing this was a feature request (which would be a nice feature to have). I blush in shame at my obliviousness.

Until the feature is added, here are a couple more ideas based on what I’m understanding: that you want to right-click a tab and be able to simply close a group of related tabs from the resulting menu.

This one is close in that it adds to the in-window contextual menu options to close tabs from same domain, same second level domain, and a couple others:

And this one is close in that it gives you a button from which you can close all tabs from a domain and gives the same in the in-window contextual menu:

Many tab organizers automatically group tabs and allow operations on them, but I don’t know if any of them will add the entry to the contextual menu.

For example, this one allows closing a group of related tabs from its UI, but no menu entry AFAICS:

Anyway, nice feature request and hope one of these can assuage your pangs for a lost function.

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