Win10 Virtual Desktop behaviour request

Reason: Brave behaving differently than all my other apps on Win10 Virtual Desktop screens.
Experience: I have my freq used apps pinned to task bar. If Discord for example is open in Desktop 1, Brave open in Desktop 2.
If I’m in a desktop that Discord is NOT launched into, and click on Discord icon on Taskbar, Desktop auto switches to Discord screen to view the app.
If I click on Brave icon on Taskbar from another screen, a NEW instance of Brave is launched. I have to be in the same Desktop/screen as the Brave instance to have my existing instance of Brave shown (its either shown anyway once I get to the desktop/screen where Brave is launched, or if Brave is minimised & I click on taskbar icon, existing instance of Brave is maximised/shown.)

This is not a high priority, more an annoyance in the Virtual Desktop experience.