Win 11 taskbar icon

As of last week, a few apps (Authy, Brave, Chrome) have had their icons basically go to a default image all of a sudden. When I right-click those specific apps and select “open file location”, The icon is not correct, even in the apps own directory in program files. Anyone else have this happen?

Did you try resetting the icon cache?

Resetting the icon cache is what I would suggest. I’d also like to confirm that you’re still able to launch the browser from the desktop shortcut successfully?

You may also want to try simply removing the icon from the task bar then re-adding it to see if it displays correctly.

Tried deleting it and readding it but that doesn’t work as even the desktop icons looks that way. Same in the control panel under install apps. Resetting the icon cache did not work either.

Removing Brave and reinstalling did not work wither.

Well, since it seems it is affecting more programs and not just Brave and it is present even on Desktop and the uninstall programs page.

You might want to run sfc /scannow and Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth as admin in terminal.

If that doesn’t help, you might want to do more things like, in-place upgrade, which will fix many issues if present and leave your computer in the same state it is now so you don’t have to install programs again, for that you can use Rufus, easy and quickly.

If you don’t have Win11 22H2, you could upgrade to it, if you have Windows 11 22H2, you could also check in Windows updates to get the latest features first, so it will install the new update with Momento 3 that brings some updates to task bar, and it is a big update so you might want to try that as well.

You know, install something big that will do changes to the Windows without having to reinstall or something too extreme for something so small that might get fixed eventually, sometimes Windows just start doing weird things, but shouldn’t be hard to deal with it, the problem is those solutions can take time like in-place upgrade, but it usually helps.

I just did a clean install of Win 11 22H2 two weeks ago. Last week the icons were fine. sfc/dism come back clean. All up to date as of this AM.

I realize that other apps are having the same issue but posted on a few diff forums to see if anyone has a solution. So far no.

Perhaps the app icon cache clear did work as after the reboot the issue persisted but I walked away and came back and now the icons are back to normal. Odd.

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