I uninstalled Brave when i download brave again it installs my brave account

I uninstalled brave and sold my computer. When the new owner downloaded brave it installed my brave account. How do they get a fresh copy of brave with out my info.

You make sure you delete evrything at
when you uninstall, or they could just create a new profile, delete the old profile, that should get rid of your data.

A friendly note, since they are able to access brave profile of yours, they might also be able to access your passwords saved. Make sure they aren’t accessing / aren’t able to access the passwords.

protip - if you intend to sell a computer wipe the hdd and reinstall the os first.


Luckily I sold the computer to my brother. I see this as a security flaw Brave should deal with. I haven’t had this problem with other search engines.

@hwally Old data always remains on device. Even when you uninstall a device, folders remain unless you know how to remove it. This is why you should ALWAYS format your device.

That said, your passwords and all wouldn’t have been visible. These are associated with the User account and password. If that had changed, the encrypted passwords wouldn’t show up.

It just sounds like all you did was pass on your device without doing any of the things you should have done to protect your data.


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