Why sponsored wallpapers are ugly!

Hey there

I know this is a none technical problem but …

I have switched to brave about one month ago and in my opinion It is a great browser.
I mean all Chrome spyware are gone from my computer and I have a cool looking browser called brave and again I do love it.

But here is the problem. I want to help brave team to make money by watch new tab’s sponsored backgrounds but sometimes they are really ugly!! for example in the middle of my browser an idiot camel animal appears and it looks at me!!!

Why?? Why sometime your sponsored images are really ugly and you made me to turn the sponsored images off in order to stop seeing the camel looking animal!!!

Another problem is you are not updating new tab wallpapers daily (Like bing) or even weekly! I do love to see more pics each and every day.

By the way thank you for perfect chrome looking browser and again and again
“I Love brave!” Brave is really brave!

you can disable them if you want image

I have done that but I do want to help brave project by watching these kinda ads

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i don’t like some images either. but we don’t surf on new tab page right?
if you’re using windows CTRL + T (opens new tab)
type the site you want to visit and there you go. i don’t see these images more than 5 seconds

Well you are partly right bro. But I am a web developer and an IT professional so not only that I DO know how to use a browser but I know how to use advanced features of a browser. Features like inspect elements and so on are part of my job.

I am talking about the UX of brave of course that we don’t see this images for only 5 seconds but If brave cares more about the images It will makes brave even more popular and more friendly. People love to see cool images even for 1 second and that’s why brave has included this feature and I believe they should take more care of it

By the way thanks for your comment and help my friendo!

yes you’re right but these images are from the sponsorships so they give the images to brave. they should’ve hire some better designers :slight_smile: so it’s literally up to sponsor’s taste. not very quickly but i’m sure that they will create new images. personally i like circuit image from crypto.com

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