I Really don't understand what holds you back to allowing users to use favorite pictures

I am 100% alright with seeing random sponsored images on Newtab…
But it feels like its been a year since you updated any new wallpapers on the newtab… i am Constantly only seeing those 4 to 6 images

Please allow us to use local wallpapers, while during the loop, you can add sponsored images…

Currently you have added option to turn off sponsored images … i really don’t understand why…if you are alright with users turning it off…why would you not provide the option to add custom wallpapers ?

My Request is that you should remove the option to turn on/off sponsored images (keep sponsored images on all the time)

and add custom wallpaper support with 10 image looping (you can show sponsored image for every 3 to 4 image successfully shown from local collection)

Maybe you can add Brave Premium package 15$/ month

  1. Brave talk
  2. No ads on New tab and brave search
  3. Brave vpn for pc (deliver/partner with premium services and cool ui like Betternet/windscribe)
    i suggest you to check betternet, i love animations and i believe brave can deliver a cool animations and something creative with brave logo.

And then add this on all websites

add an option like this with turn on /off
Instead of “open with tor” , add something new like "open this tab in Private window"
clicking this button should automatically open that current tab on a private window…
instead of just a private window being opened, open a private window and load that tab/website…


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you can also add native screen recorder with pro feature as part of subscription