Forced ads in new tabs even after changing background image to gradient?

Man, I am already so sick of Brave and I’ve only been using it for one week. Why? Because it keeps shoving these ugly, unsightly spammy ads in my new tab every single time I ctrl+T

If I have to look at this ugly karate dipshits face on my screen one more time, I swear to god. Go shill your Karate trash somewhere else, this web browser is a total joke, more of a gigantic advertisement built into every corner

I already changed the background using the settings cog to Gradient from “Brave Backgrounds”, so what the absolute f**k is your problem already?

@optical I do believe I just responded to you over on Reddit too. But you skipped a setting.

So what you’re saying you changed is screenshot below:


But what I’m guessing you did NOT do was scroll down even further, where you’d see option as in screenshot below:


Notice on the very bottom is a toggle for Show Sponsored Images? That’s what you have to turn off. While it’s on, it will show New Tab Page ads, which are also called New Tab Takeovers or Sponsored Images.

If you’re using Rewards, disabling this will reduce BAT you’re earning pretty significantly as they tend to be near half of our earnings.

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