Why is there no MASTER PASSWORD feature?

Completely agree with what has been said already in previous threads…
A MASTER PASSWORD seems like a very foundational security feature to have… right ?!

A thief who steals a computer with Brave installed will now have access to ANY site that the owner needed to entered a login. Both the login username AND the password are both visible in CLEAR TEXT! If you need a reason for a security update, this one should be at the top of anyone’s list.


Absolutely agree. Why no master password?

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On Windows it asks me for my Windows login when I try to view a saved password. Are you sure this is still an issue?

batbat, what this means is that you are relying on the OS’s security (Windows in your case) as a fallback. This post is referencing the fact that the browser does not offer any ability to protect the saved passwords within the browser itself. If you intend to always log out of your windows profile when you are not using your computer, then windows’ protection may be “good enough”. But if you allow someone else to use your computer under your profile, or if your computer is stolen and that person is able to break through the windows login, or if a hacker or bot has managed to infiltrate your system, then windows login isn’t much help.
The point of the post is that it is irresponsible for a browser to offer the ability to save passwords, without offering a way to directly protect that saved data.

If I’m using my personal computer, what might be the “Windows Login” that it’s asking for when I try to see the passwords that are saved? The one I use to actually log into my computer or what?
I’d like a master password for Brave so I can see these things without having to log into several places.

I agree that this is something that should be implemented, and I think that as users we need to be aware that the team supporting Brave is quite small, and they are doing a lot of work in a lot of different areas in order to make the products and services viable.

Thankfully, there are very good alternatives: password manager apps.
There are many of them, personally I recommend bitwarden.
They offer a free tier that provides features that are more than enough for most users.
Check it out: https://bitwarden.com/