When Will There Be A Master Password?

Why is there no Master Password to protect the saved logins in Brave? A thief who steals a computer with Brave installed will now have access to ANY site that the owner needed to entered a login. Both the login username AND the password are both visible in CLEAR TEXT! If you need a reason for a security update, this one should be at the top of anyone’s list.


+1 . after 15 years using firefox, I badly need that, the master password became a necessary piece of my passwords security !

+1. Just waiting for this feature before migrating from firefox to brave…

Don’t wait… Even without this, Brave is infinitely better than FF. With FF, if I had 20 or more pages open, it would completely dominate all available computer memory and resources - enough so, that I would be forced to restart my system. With Brave, my Process Explorer graph hardly makes a blip even right now, when I have 59 pages open.

I’m waiting as well :wink:

+1 Should have been there ever since