Why is there no automatic re sync button?

I signed up for this, it synced all my passwords, later I reset, now my Yotube stuff that I have subscribed to after I got brave keeps giving me the same subscribe things even though I am already subscribed. You people need to make this easier if you want me to stick around. I already hate tech people because they are so close to the forest they cannot see the trees hire some old people to use this and learn from all the problems they have so the rest of us old people will not have the issues. Figure it out, I want a resync button and it needs to be easy to find. also I shouldn’t have to jump through a million hoops to send a comment or a question, I HATE THAT! Totally unnecessary! Just a control freak thing!!! I HATE THAT!!! FIX THIS! MAKE IT EASY! Then I just went to send and it says I must have one tag, REALLY??? WHAT THE FUCK IS A TAG??? I HATE YOU!!!

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