Why is Brave UI different on two phones

Two smartphones. One phone is mine and the other phone is my wife’s so I don’t want to sync them or migrate features. Due to my wife being a technophobe I am the de-facto ‘Administrator’ for her phone and I am trying to set her Brave user interface to look like mine: -

Phone A - Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T on Android 11, Build/RKQ1.201004.002
Phone B - Xiaomi Redmi 10 on Android 11, Build/RP1A.200720.011
Both phones have Brave app version 1.51.121, Chromium 113.0.5672.163 but the Brave user interfaces are different. See photos.

  1. Phone A has two rows of URL shortcuts and Phone B only has one row.
  2. Phone A has a black background and Phone B has a photo background.
  3. Both phones have a lot of wasted space below the rows of URL shortcuts.

Q1 - Is it possible to fill the ‘wasted’ user interface space with more rows of URL shortcuts?
Q2 - If Q1 is not possible then how do I get Phone B with one row of URL shortcuts to show two rows like Phone A?
Q3 - How can I remove the background photo on Phone B to leave a clear black background like Phone A?

I guess thats not possible at the moment. Brave automatically adds or removes sites from there depending on visits or something.

Keep visiting the sites you do on phone b just like you have on phone a.

You can go to settings → New tab page settings → Turn off Show Background Images

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Okay, yea about that URL shortcuts being displayed, there’s no solution but if you go to the new page settings, you’ll see an option like top sites, that’s the one for URL shortcuts therefore essentially means that the top sites used by us will display only.

@SmartyAadi - Thank you. I turned off the background image and the photo disappeared. It also fixed the issue of only one row of URL shortcuts being shown because there are now two rows. I suppose that must be a bug but as long as it worked that’s fine by me.

It’s a shame that Brave doesn’t allow users to fill that empty space with URL shortcuts but thanks for the information.

I’ll call this thread ‘solved’ if that is possible. I am new to this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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