Why in Germany?

Błąd: Nieobsługiwany region

Niestety, Twoje nagrody Brave nie mogą zostać zweryfikowane, ponieważ Twój region nie jest obecnie obsługiwany w zakresie weryfikacji nagród Brave.

Error: Unsupported Region Sorry, your Brave rewards cannot be verified because your region is not currently supported for Brave rewards verification.


Likely because of regulations. Rewards in Germany must be declared for tax purposes, thus it would require an overhead work for the custodian and for Brave.

I hope they find out a solution soon.

Thanks for the answer. I will wait for a solution :slight_smile:

Wow, if even Germany is out from the supported regions, I think mine will follow soon the same path, hope not but anyway, right now brave has to finalize the other way to withdraw BAT that is talking about these last months, not just for european and asian users, but for the project itself.

The same announcement is in Poland

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