Why I can't watch some animes on crunchyroll because of region issues


Okay, so I installed Brave just to watch some animes on Crunchyroll, with the Brave Shield adblocker, but I’m getting this message “Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions”, what do I do (no I’m not going to use fansub websites).
So I think that the problem is that Brave also block the tracker, and the site probably should be reciving some information about where am I.
My hypothesis is that if I could turn off the tracker blocker the problem would be probably solved.
Sorry if my english i’snt good.



maybe try



I just tried it, still does not work

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If you’re in a region where you should be able to view, and if it’s not a problem for you to reveal to the site where you are, maybe try allowing crunchyroll to have your location. Click the little lock icon on the left of the Address Bar to bring up site information, then click the Site settings line at the bottom of the resulting pull-down, which I’ve highlighted here:

In the resulting tab, set Location to Allow. Note that the same tab has other settings you can change if Location isn’t an option for you or if it doesn’t work, like ad blocking and popups:



Thank you so much for the help :smiley:


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