Why I Can't Log In to My Uphold Account?

Why now I can’t login to my UPHOLD account?
I live in Indonesia, and I know that UPHOLD doesn’t support users in my country, but before that it was fine, I could log in to my account and see Uphold wallet updates.
How do I get back into my Uphold account? (Please see the video of the problem in question). Thank you :pray:

In order to log in to your Uphold account you must contact Uphold support.

Regarding Brave, you cannot connect Brave to Uphold while your country is not supported. If your country will be supported in the future, then you will be able to.
Brave is working to bring more countries back. But no one knows which and when.

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@rodrige, Thank you for mentioned my Uphold account issue :pray:

Try to open directly your Uphold wallet, without passing for the rewards tab

Thank you, I’ve tried opening it via the UPHOLD application, the home page opens but I still can’t log in with the message “connection problem”. I still don’t understand how to fix it.

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