Not able to login to my Uphold Wallet

My Brave account was created back in India, but I have been in Ireland for the past 2.5 months and yet I seem unable to log in to my uphold wallet. The brave rewards (BAT) have also stopped accumulating due to this. Is this also happening to others; please suggest corrective measures if already found.

When you say “log in to Uphold”, do you mean connecting Brave to Uphold?
You will not be able to, if your Uphold account has been registered with your Indian documents. Despite being in Ireland, your account is registered in India which is not a supported country (yet).

Regarding not receiving rewards, it is likely that your profile is flagged due to connections from a different region.

The question now is, are you going to stay in Ireland permanently?
If yes, you need to update your registration with Uphold:

  • Get documents from Ireland confirming your permanent residence permit or EU blue card
  • Re-verify with Uphold, submit all documents. Ensure that you use an ID card issued in Ireland. Not your Indian passport as this may lead to mismatch issues between nationality and residence.
  • Once all is done with Uphold, create a new profile in Brave and start from zero. Delete the old profile.
  • Connect your new profile to Uphold
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