Brave need "speed dial" for quick access to important websites

brave browser is one of the best so far since i discovered it and i sincerely love it but one of features that i think its lacking is "SPEED DIAL " compared to other popular browser like Samsung browser , opra mini etc… i strongly recommend "SPEED DIAL " because it help users to save and access favorite and important websites faster instead of going through a whole lot of bookmarks

@barbertoonde this is on the roadmap of things to come. It exists on iOS and Desktop. Will be arriving on Android at some point, though no specific ETA. You can track main issue at

With others mentioned at:

Yes, been an ongoing request. It’s been promised as something on its way. They just are working on a bigger project that this going to be part of, so it’s taking time. I don’t think it will arrive any time soon, but we’ll just have to wait and see how long until they finish.

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