Why doesn't sync work anymore?

Sync does not work, and there isn’t even a way to add a device.

  1. Brave settings 2. Sync 3. Manage devices 4. There is no way to add a device.

**Reproduces how often. It happens everytime.
Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): 1.43.93

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: 2 x Windows 10 computers and android phone

Additional Information:

Show a screenshot please.

There is no where to add another device. So then I click on phone and it has a code or scannable code, but nowhere to add a code or a scannable code.

@flhr Sure there is. I mean, let me show you two things.

On this you have a button that says Add New Device but you don’t need to hit that. Instead you would just hit View Sync Code. The purpose of Add New Device was just so it could determine if it would show you the Sync Code (if desktop) or the QR Code (if mobile)

So if you click on View Sync Code it would show you the code. There’s also a little link/phrase where you can choose to see the QR code instead.

If you click on Phone/Tablet it will load the QR Code that you would scan with your phone or tablet if were adding it to Sync. (Meaning on the phone or tablet you’d go SettingsSyncI have a Sync Code → aim camera at QR.

If you click Computer then it would give you the 25 words you would need to enter. On a desktop you would go to SettingsSyncI have a Sync Code → enter your 25 words.

Btw, in the screenshot you shared, the device already is part of a sync chain. If you’re trying to add it to another sync chain, you’ll need to Leave Sync Chain on that first and then click on I have a Sync Code and it will then let you enter the code or scan.

Thanks, I did just delete it from the Sync chain because I had to reinstall windows. I’ll give it another try. Thanks

All good. I know a lot of people end up creating multiple sync chains on accident. Then get confused when they can’t add it. Seems you just happened to do that. So if all devices see the same thing but aren’t synced to each other, then they have multiple sync chains going. So solution is to leave chain with some and add only to the same chain together. In that, only with one device will you choose to start sync chain, then on all others you do I have a Sync Code and you enter to add them to the sync is on.

That seemed to work. Thank you.

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