Problem with Sync settings

Description of the issue:
Have my windows machine and my Galaxy in the sync chain and understood, that I have to input the syc code either on phone or laptop, but I cannot find a button for input the code anywhere. On both devices settings only show the devices and the butttons “show sync code” and “add new device”. So, where exactly I have to input the code?

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Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
Windows Laptop with win10, GalaxyA12, Android 11

Additional Information:

This means you created a Sync chain on them both. You need to Leave Sync Chain on one of them. Then when you go back to brave://settings/braveSync/setup you’ll see where it says I have a sync code as an option. You’ll click that and enter the sync code provided in your other browser/device. What’s easier is if you do this with your phone, that way you can scan a QR code instead of entering a phrase. So on your Laptop you’d to go brave://settings/braveSync/setup and Add New Device then choose Phone/Tablet. When you do this, it will provide a QR code. Then go to your phone, I have a sync code and then scan the QR code. It will then add your phone to the sync chain alongside of your laptop.

Just make sure both have whatever you want to be Synced checked off and they should start sharing.

Ok, so I did, scanned QR-code and phone has been added to sync chain. But this result is the same I had already: on both machines now both devices in the sync chain, on phone only the option to add a new device or data preferences, on laptop only „leave sync chain“. But where and how do I start syncing? Or foes it work only automatically, not manually?

@hgs They start to sync right away, so long as you’re seeing the devices listed on the same sync chain. It will sync whatever you’ve told it to sync.

That said, you’ll need to make sure you’re looking in your Android settings to make sure it’s set to sync there as well.

The only oddball thing on it is to realize full history doesn’t sync supposedly. According to developers, it’s only things you type into the address bar that syncs. Clicking on links and other stuff to access sites won’t appear in your History between synced devices.

But as soon as you connected it, within a few minutes you should have seen shared Bookmarks and all. Also if you had saved Passwords, those should be made available to both devices.

Thx a lot for your detailed explanation!