Why doesn't Leo offer full-page translations like Google Translate?

Leo will not translate a whole page but Brave happily does so with Google translate. Why is there this limitation on Leo?


Can anyone shed light on why these specific limitations exist for Leo? Is it due to the inherent design of the AI, or are there other factors at play? Insights into this would be helpful for users who frequently rely on translation tools.

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Can you be more specific? I just asked it to translate an article into Spanish and it did so without any issue:

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I just tried with an article in spanish, and it worked fine, then I tried it with an article in Swedish, and it did the summary, but refused to translate. Should I offer to pay? :joy::joy::joy:

Then I tried again and I thought I got the translation, but it was a translation of some summary it did, and not the full page.

Also, it refused any compensation I offered it :grin:

@tsa I think this might have been built in to help protect against abuse. There had been issues a while ago where people were using AI to “translate” articles and all, but it was just to bypass paywalls. Kind of like you read about at https://tech.co/news/chatgpt-pauses-bing-integration-stop-users-bypassing-article-paywalls

But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s being completely honest on the reasons why, which is below:

Btw, which version of Leo are you using? The excerpt I shared above is using Claude.

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