Why does Brae override personal choices?

Goodness me.
With so much AI, why doesn’t Brave just fill the question?

I don’t need any template to formulate a question, My question is very simple to understand by a common human being who knows how to use their brain.

I chose “Manual Update”! That means, I update when I believe I shall update.
however, says; 'That’s fine, we don’t care what you chose because we update anyway.

Now, with Brave’s latest update, Brave changes something and is too stup*d (not allowed to address A as an A, Brave needs me to address A as a B. Pathetic sensitive losers.) to even see whether or not a website is secure or not but then just tells: “Your Connection Is No Private” and thus. I can’t proceed to the website any longer.

Thanks, Brave, that was very brave from you! Brave, are you just too dumb to see the SSL or do you not Want to see it any longer. What’s actually your Real problem, Brave?

Besides, if you disrespect my choice of opting OUT of your automatic update and update it anyway, apply any changes to, Would you mind showing at least a little courtesy to the people and let them know what you changed so people can continue with their life? Yes? No?

I’m fed up with Brave’s rude, tyrant philosophy, their arrogance and incompetency.

If any BRAVE person here doesn’t like what I say, think about yourselves first before you complain about my Tone! You create my tone and I don’t beg you. I told Brave many times and Brave just ignores. SO think about yourself, Brave. You see, I don’t need YOU! You Brave, you need every single one of us because you piss one of us off, you actually piss off a hundred and more because we will tell others!

So. Now you can go off and crucify me or delete my post. Do whatever you like. I do what I need to do.

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