Why did Brave withdrawal 4 Bat from Gemini acount

Why did Brave Rewards withdraw four bats from my Gemini account. I have a phone and a computer with brave browser on it. So I’m using two devices. I have Auto contribute up to one bat. For some reason Brave has withdrawn for bat total from my Gemini account. Can anyone answer or have any details what to do. Or am I just in the wrong

Very likely it contributed 4 times 1 BAT. But the withdrawal occurs once a month.
Auto-contribution works based on number of visits.

Question is: why do you have auto-contribution on? It will drain all your BAT from your Gemini account. More creator websites you visit, more contributions will be done automatically.

I Just Turned it off should help Thanks Rodrigo. I’m new to brave, it was set on Auto-Contribution. Must be default settings

Default setting yep, after each update/reinstall/new profile and sometimes over the night is getting toggled to ON.

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