Unauthorized Brave Grant Withdrawals in Gemini

There have been a number of withdrawals from my Gemini account listed as: “Brave Grants” Auto-Contribute is NOT enabled and there are no Tips setup/used. Thoughts?

Hi @Multithread welcome to Community :wave:

Do you have additional devices connected to Gemini that might have Auto-Contribute enabled?

I have multiple devices (two) but both are not set to auto contribute.

Thanks for sharing.

Can you go to brave://rewards > view statement and check if you see if there were any recent contributions?
Do you know how much BAT was auto-contributed?

There was no contributions shown in the View Statement for Feb or March 2023 however, there are five different 1 BAT contributions listed in Gemini’s transaction History: One in Feb, and four in March.

@Multithread Sending you a DM now.

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