Brave removing BAT from Gemini Account

I am experiencing Brave depositing monthly BAT payments and then a week later Brave removes all BAT from my Gemini acct… This is habitual. Been going on since the beginning of the year. I do not access my Gemini from any other devices. BAT is being removed by “Brave Grants” See below. I’m owed 20.75BAT

Check if you have Auto Contribute turned on.
You can do so by going to

There, when you scroll down, you’ll see options like auto contribute, tipping, monthly tips.
If any one of them is turned on then that’s the reason for the Withdrawals

As far as I know Brave Grants are given to the user on a monthly basis so that the user can use it to tip the Brave creator.

If the user does not do this or does not withdraw then after a certain time it expires.

Inshort brave grants= For which the user has not seen any kind of ads.

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